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The best residential and non-profit program in NJ is financed by our partner, NJR: 20-year lease, best electric rate in NJ, micro-inverters (high-end equipment), and the greatest savings.  We beat all of the other solar programs offered on the market.

E-Z-NERGY provides alternative energy solutions as E-Z as possible. All of our solutions maybe be purchased, financed, or leased.  Our specialty is solar systems: solar electric, solar hot water, and solar pool heater.

Most of our customers prefer a lease or power purchase agreement, where the customer purchases electricity 25% to 35% off the current electric rate and "locks-in" the price for the next 20 years for no money out of pocket.  These are usually referred to as "free" solar systems.

If you could "lock-in" gasoline at $2.25 per gallon for the next 20 years...would you?